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Making a long-distance move is easy with the right support. At Matthews Moving Systems, our Charlotte Southeast & Northeast Moving team have the experience and the resources to ensure your move is easy and stress-free, no matter the distance or volume you’re relocating. Our professional packers and movers can help you manage a domestic or international move, as well as offer storage solutions before, during, or after your move is complete.

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Tips for Southeast & Northeast Moving In Charlotte

Planning a long-distance move isn’t like scheduling a local move across town. Working with an experienced Southeast & Northeast moving company in Charlotte will reduce stress and improve your moving experience so you can look forward to arriving at your final destination.

  • Start planning your move as early as possible, including booking your movers for the date you want. Scheduling your move early means you’ll be more likely to choose the dates you want and move according your own schedule, rather than working around other bookings. Allowing your movers time to plan for the transportation of your items is always a good thing as well, as they can plan exactly to the cross country or international move. If it’s possible, move during the off season, typically during the fall and winter months, for lower rates and your pick of moving dates.
  • Professional packing is the best solution if you’re moving across a longer distance. Longer transit times make proper handling and packing of your belongings essential; your professional packers and movers will ensure every item is packed safely to minimize any risk of damage during transit or handling.
  • Downsizing your belongings is a smart idea before moving across the country. In addition to donating or throwing away clothing and items that are worn or no longer fit your lifestyle, keep in mind that items such as food and cleaning chemicals shouldn’t be packed and moved—instead, plan to purchase these items when you arrive at your new home.

Utilizing Storage During Your Long-Distance Move

Your professional movers are available to ensure you consider every important factor before your cross country move. The transportation of all your belongings will be prioritized accordingly. When selling your home, it can be beneficial to place more personal belongings and out-of-season items in storage for improved home staging and a faster sale. Professional packing will ensure that both packages moving cross country and items being stored are packed in a way that they are kept safe. If there will be a delay between your move-out and move-in dates that is longer than your movers’ expected transit time, your movers can provide secure storage for your items for any length of time before delivering them to your new home. If you’re getting ready to make a long-distance move, Matthews Moving Systems is ready to help. We offer moving services and storage solutions to make sure your move is an easy and enjoyable one—please call (704) 358-8500 to discuss long-distance moving or to request moving quotes today.

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