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Even if you’re moving just a short distance from your current property, enlisting the help of local movers is a smart choice. Your experienced local mover near Charlotte can help you relocate your home or office quickly and easily so you can focus on enjoying the benefits of your new location. As local movers in Charlotte, Matthews Moving Systems specialize in moving and storage to meet all your office and house moving needs. Whether you are moving around the block or to a neighboring town, our local movers and packers are ready to offer professional and personalized assistance, as well as extra storage and specialized moving services for large or fragile items.

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Moving Your Office Locally

Moving an office isn’t quite like moving a home, even if you’re moving locally. Your office movers have the experience needed to assist you every step of the way. During the planning stages of your move, there are several factors to consider for a smooth and simple process.

  • Work with employees and clients to make arrangements around moving day for minimal schedule disruption. If employees wish to pack their own office or personal belongings, set a deadline of several days before your planned move-out date.
  • Take a look at your new office’s floor plan and determine how you want it laid out. Your Charlotte local movers can place furnishings, equipment, and documents in their final location on move-in day to increase the speed with which you can resume normal daily operations.
  • You’ll need to let your clients, vendors, bank, insurance company, and any other service providers know about your move. Adding this information to your email signature or phone answering system is a simple and easy way to remind your business contacts about your upcoming location change.

Top Reasons to Hire Movers for Your Local Move

Especially when moving locally, it can be tempting to try to handle this task yourself. Many people look at local moves as a small move, but when unprepared the task can become one of a higher caliber than its worth. Hiring a professional mover means not having to stop your work which in turn will help keep value to your business. There are many good reasons to hire professional local movers, regardless of the distance involved. You can reach Matthews Moving Systems for more information about our moving services in Charlotte by calling (704) 358-8500.

  1. Hiring packers and movers makes your move go faster because you won’t need to take the time to pack, carry, or drive your belongings yourself, and everything you own can be moved in a single trip.
  2. Relying on family and friends may mean delaying your move to accommodate others’ schedules. When you schedule local movers, you know they’ll show up on time and handle your move without delay.
  3. Local movers will make your move safer by handling all the heavy lifting and carrying, rather than risking injury to yourself, your family, or your friends.
  4. Matthews Moving Systems also has storage in case there are unexpected developments. Certain situations may keep you from being able to move all furnishings immediately into your new place and move that into temporary storage without a hitch.

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