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Matthews Moving Systems Helps with International Moves

If you need assistance from an international moving service in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Matthews Moving Systems. Since 1987, we have been helping people move locally and around the world. Our full-time, professional movers and packers are well aware of all the best practices in the moving industry and experienced enough to make suggestions about your move that you may not have otherwise considered. As a family-owned and -operated company, we are committed to taking special care of each of our customers. We know how stressful any relocation can be, much less a move that takes you around the world. With our help, you can focus on your life changes and everything you need to do before you leave. We will handle the logistics for you. Call us today to learn more about how our international moving services can help you.

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Our Comprehensive International Moving Services

Matthews Moving Systems has all of the tools, equipment, and expertise to ensure your international move goes smoothly. Though relocating overseas has an abundance of exciting aspects, the moving process is much more in-depth than simply driving your belongings down the street. Merely renting a van and loading it yourself is not usually an option when you move internationally. But we have dealt with the logistics of international moves for numerous clients over the years, always ensuring their valuables arrive at their new home safely and soundly. Our comprehensive services include packing and even unpacking your belongings. For fragile, oddly-shaped, or heavy items, be sure to also ask about our custom crating services before any international move.

We Also Help You Plan Your International Move

In addition to the logistical issues that are far more complex than local or regional moves, there are many other things you must consider before an international move. Matthews Moving Systems will help you remember them all during the planning process. You will need to research where you are going and put all your local affairs in line well ahead of moving day. We will provide you with a convenient checklist so that nothing slips your mind. Among the things you will need to do to prepare for your international move are:

  • Keep all important documents handy – Organize your vital information – such as IDs, passports, contracts, and legal papers – in one convenient location. You never want to have to search through boxes of your belongings that have already been packed to find any of these necessary pieces of information. We suggest a comfortable carry-on bag with compartments and pockets that can help protect your documents from damage.
  • Make a list – One of the best ways to keep everything in order is to make a list. We will use our extensive experience as an international moving service to help you create a list that will include tasks to complete before your departure, a running log of things to research, essential items, and more.
  • Change of address – Before leaving, you will need to update all government agencies with your new address. While you are at it, be sure your friends and family know where to find you, too.
  • Research – The everyday items and amenities on which you rely in Charlotte are things you will still need when you get to your new home. Do research well in advance to find healthcare options, schools for your children, and ways to help you get settled in your new environment.
  • Pack – With so much to do before your big move, it is best to leave the packing to us. Matthews Moving Systems will organize your belongings, pack them, and ensure they arrive at your new location in the best condition possible.

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If you are departing Charlotte for an exciting move to a new country, your head may be spinning. There are so many things to learn, so many tasks to complete, and a load of stress that accompanies such a change. And you may have to do everything in a short amount of time. Let us handle the heavy lifting for you. Matthews Moving Systems has built a reputation for exceptional customer service and moving expertise. We will pack, load, and transport your belongings so that you can focus on everything else that goes into such a complicated relocation. Contact us today for more information about our international moving services.

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