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Being able to move overseas can be an eye-opening and beautiful experience. The number of tasks you have to do beforehand is a different story. International moving takes a lot of time, planning, and research. With Matthews Moving System in Charlotte, NC, we can take one task off your hands—and that’s getting your valuables to you safe and sound. Our professional movers not only move your valuables overseas, but we can pack and unpack them as well. Take advantage of our packing services or custom crating services to ensure you have a smooth and successful move.

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Things to Consider for your Upcoming International Move

As stated earlier, an international move takes a lot of time, planning, and research. With the excitement of moving internationally, it can be easy to forget to prepare for your move. Here are a few things you can do to prep for your move

  • Keep all ID and important documents handy: Nothing is worse than realizing you packed your passport in your moving boxes. Get a comfortable carry-on that has compartments or pockets to safely store your documents to prevent them from getting wrinkled or lost at the bottom of your bag. Try to pack your documents in a way to make them easily accessible at all times
  • Make a list: List making is a great way to keep yourself organized. There is no small number of tasks to complete when planning an international move. Keeping a running list of things to research, information to update, and items that you need to have on hand, are essential to staying organized and completing important tasks on time
  • Change of Address: You will need to notify all government agencies, such as HM Revenue and Customs, National Insurance Contributions Office, Center for Non-Residents, and the DWP with your updated address. Aside from being compliant with the government, be sure that your family and friends have your new address as well
  • Research, research, research: Everything you have here, you will need overseas. Secure your housing, look into healthcare options, and enroll any young children in school. Having an idea of essential information will help ease the adjustment to a new county and give you more time to get settled in your new home
  • Don’t forget to pack: Or better yet, just call us. Contact us for professional packing services and we will make sure that your valuables are packed with care and arrive at your destination in the best condition possible

Not many moving companies are willing to move valuables overseas. At Matthews Moving Systems, we take pride in being above the competition and offer the highest quality and most affordable services to customers like you. We offer free estimates to help you plan your move financially. We will also discuss all of your options, while staying within your budget.

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