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Our movers don’t just have experience with families who move—we help corporations move too. From technical equipment to office supplies, we know how to move your items safely and ensure they will arrive in good condition. Need help packing and unpacking your office? We can help with that too! A corporate move can be a time-consuming and stressful task, but with our team of professional local movers you can get back to your daily tasks faster and less stressed.

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Tips for a Smooth Corporate Move

  • Let your employees know ahead of time: Keep your team in the loop on what’s happening and clearly set out any expectations you may have before the move
  • Let your customers know as well: Tell your customers that you’re moving to prevent any difficulty on their end. Work out a script over the phone, send out emails or letters, and make sure to update all of your vendors
  • Create a checklist: Lists are a great way to stay organized when you are responsible for moving your corporation to another location. They also help you stay on top of daily work tasks. It can be helpful to designate different people to create a checklist in the department or area that they manage. To ensure that all employees have the same information, include information on the checklist such as moving date, if there is a date when want your employees to clean their desks, or if there is anything that is being left behind
  • Donate any office equipment that you don’t need: Perhaps the systems are outdated or your new location offers you the chance to upgrade some of your technology. Arrange a way to dispose of any equipment in an environmentally-friendly way by donating it
  • Hire us to pack your computers and electronics: Printers and other equipment can be sensitive devices and may need special care before packing. A few examples would be removal of printer cartridges, taping down covers and scanner lids, and protecting the wiring. Our professional movers can assist in any questions you may have regarding packing your computers or electronics
  • Don’t forget to update your new contact information and address: You’ve let everyone know that you are moving but don’t forget to tell them where. You will want your customers to be able to get ahold of you in your new location. Be sure to update your website, search engine listing, email signatures, and anything else that has the company contact information on it. Plan this in advance and make a list of all things that need to be updated

Corporate moving can require a different set of needs for each business. Whether the company is small or large, there are many options to consider in moving. At Matthews Moving Systems, we pride ourselves in offering the most competitive and affordable pricing in the area. Sticking to a budget is important to any corporation and that’s why we offer a free estimate when you call to inquire about our services.

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