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Business owners in and around Charlotte, NC trust Matthews Moving Systems to help with their commercial moves. Whether your company is growing and needs more space or you simply found better real estate rates, we are here to provide comprehensive commercial moving services. Our team of full-time professional movers has been assisting with all kinds of business relocations for more than 30 years, so we have just about seen it all. During that time, we have developed and perfected best practices for ensuring all your belongings get to your new facility quickly and efficiently. And as a result of streamlining our operations, we can guarantee low prices for your Charlotte move. Call us today to begin the planning process.

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Commercial Movers in Charlotte, NC

Moving is never an easy task, but moving an office or business is significantly more complex than moving a home. There are many factors to consider, including employees with different schedules, potentially valuable business equipment, and ensuring your clients are aware of your relocation. Matthews Moving Systems will gladly handle some of the hard work for you. We cannot share your change of address or arrange your workflow, but we can guarantee that your business tools, furniture, and equipment get to your new location safely. We will work with you to organize the best way to corral all of your employees’ personal and shared belongings in an efficient manner that minimizes any potential disruptions. Rather than relying on your team members to pack and unpack their things, let us perform packing and unpacking services to optimize operations. Upon arriving at your new facility, we will unload each box, item, and piece of furniture and place it where you want it to be.

Our Suggestions Ahead of a Corporate Move

Among our goals at Matthews Moving Systems is to reduce your stress about a commercial move as much as possible. In addition to handling all of the physical work required during a move, we can also offer several suggestions about ways to ensure a smooth corporate relocation. They include:

  • Alert your employees – When you are in the process of moving, let your employees know well in advance. This will allow you to set expectations and timeframes that do not surprise anyone.
  • Alert your customers – Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you would not survive. Whether you tell them over the phone, through digital communication, or using the postal service, let your customers know where they will be able to find you.
  • Make a list – There are myriad things to do and remember during a corporate move. The best way to stay organized is to make a list, checking off items as you complete them. Matthews Moving Systems has been helping customers in Charlotte for 30 years, so we will gladly share our expertise about things that you should include on your list and any departmental sub-lists.
  • Donate unused equipment – During a move, you may realize you have many pieces of equipment that you either do not need or want to upgrade for the new facility. Rather than merely discarding this equipment, donate it to an organization in need.
  • Let us pack – With an abundance of employees and a wide range of office supplies and furniture, packing it all would be a daunting, time-consuming task. Lucky for you, Matthews Moving Systems has extensive experience packing offices and stores. We will pack your things in a fraction of the time you would, helping you quickly resume business operations.
  • Update your contact information – Even after you have told your employees and customers about your move, be sure to update all of your searchable information so that new clients will be able to find you. Amend your website, email signatures, and anything else with an address.

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In Charlotte, there is a lot to do and plenty of desirable store or office locations. When it is time for your company to upgrade to a new facility, do not become overwhelmed by the thought of moving. Matthews Moving Systems provides commercial moving services in Charlotte, NC to help businesses of all types and sizes relocate to new buildings or areas. For help planning your corporate move, contact us today.

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