• Smart Strategies for Unpacking Quickly

    After your local movers have delivered boxes to your new home, you may be faced with a major unpacking project. When you watch this video, you will learn some handy tips that will help you to unpack your boxes as quickly as possible. To streamline the unpacking process, make sure to start with the boxes that are essential for your daily life. Your movers and packers in Charlotte can help you to remain organized throughout the moving process.

    If you are getting ready for a move across town, now is a terrific time to contact your local movers. By scheduling local moving services , you can help to ensure that your move is an easy transition for every member of your family.

  • Try These Hacks on Your Next Move

    When a local or long-distance move is coming up, you need as much help as you can get. In addition to hiring movers and packers near Charlotte, NC, you can take advantage of these easy hacks and tips found in the attached video:

    • Label and color-code as many of your possessions as possible. The colors can coordinate with specific rooms so your packers and movers can quickly place your possessions in the rooms.
    • Instead of packing your clothes, keep them in their drawers and wrap the drawers with plastic wrap. This will save time on finding more moving boxes.
    • When packing breakables, such as your dishes, use your own towels or disposable plates to keep them protected.
    • As you pack, get rid of your old, worn, or broken items. These items will only clutter up your move, which will cost you more money and more stress in the long run.

  • Tips for Packing Your Pictures and Mirrors

    One of the last steps of preparing your household for a move is to pack up your pictures and mirrors . In this video, you will receive detailed instructions on how to pack up fragile items, such as mirrors, so that they are protected during transport. A local moving company serving Charlotte, NC will be able to provide you with packing and moving services for your mirrors, artwork, and other delicate belongings.

    By trusting your packing to a local moving company, you will feel great knowing that your valued belongings are completely secure when they are in transport. With simple materials, such as brown packing paper and tape, your local movers will be able to create a secure cushion around the exterior of your artwork. Once your picture or mirror arrives at your house, you will be able to easily unpack it and place it on the wall.

  • What Is the Right Way to Pack Lamps?

    Whether you’re moving across country near Charlotte or just need a local mover for an in-town move, you should still know the right way to pack certain items. Your professional packers and movers can help you out, and until then, watch the video for some helpful tips on packing your fragile lamps.

    The best moving companies can tell you that broken items are not the best way to start a big move, so keep your possessions as protected as possible. When packing your lamps, remove the shade and bulb before wrapping the lamp base in bubble wrap. Keep your shades in a separate box, and try to nest them together as much as you can. Don’t use newspaper when wrapping them, as newspaper will stain.