• Must-Dos for a Successful Moving Day

    It might not hold as much importance in your life as your wedding day, but moving day is another occasion that you have to prepare for if you want it to go well. Finding a local moving company in Charlotte, NC is important, but there are some steps you’ll have to take to prepare on your own. Read on for some must-dos for a successful moving day.

    Have Your Boxes Packed and Labeled

    Waiting until moving day to pack up your belongings is a mistake, and it will only make the moving process more stressful than it needs to be. Your local moving company isn’t going to come over and pack your belongings for you, so you need to be ready when the time comes to load up the truck and move to your new space. Instead of scrambling around for bags and boxes to put your things in, order legitimate moving boxes well before you actually make the move. Pack each box with similar items that all belong in the same room, and label your boxes according to the rooms they’ll end up in.

    Talk to Your Movers

    Your relationship with your local moving company can make or break your moving experience. Your local movers should be licensed and insured. If you haven’t moved before, you might be surprised by how much this can put your mind at ease. You also want to find local movers who are capable of communicating with you throughout the move so you’re never left in the dark.

    Consider Pets and Children

    If you’re anxious about your move, think about how your pets and young children might feel. Moving can be a confusing time for both, so remember to devise a plan to keep them comfortable during the process. Consider boarding your pets or setting up a sleepover or a babysitter for your kids to make it easier on them.

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  • What Are Non-Movables?

    When you prepare to move to a new home you’ll pack up your belongings, donate or trash what’s left, and find a local moving company in Charlotte, NC to get you and your stuff to your new place. Local movers can make the moving process easier, but there are certain things that can’t go on the truck. The rules may vary between moving companies, and the specific route you’re taking can make a difference as well. Make sure you know what your movers can and cannot take with them before you get going. Get yourself ready by reading ahead and learning about non-movables.

    You might be able to take plants on the moving truck if you’re moving locally, but not if you’re traveling more than 150 miles away. Pets are never allowed to be transported on the moving truck due to the conditions inside, so you’ll have to take yours in your own vehicle. Hazardous materials like acids, oils, gasoline, and fertilizers are all prohibited from being on the moving truck. Even liquor, nail polish, and paints must be transported separately because they are considered hazardous. Fresh, refrigerated, and frozen foods that are perishable are also non-movables.

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  • Advice for Settling into Your New Community


    The need for a new environment might be what motivated you to look for a local moving company in Charlotte, NC in the first place, but this kind of change can be a little overwhelming at first. Once you get over the initial change, you should be able to fit right into your neighborhood. Watch this video and pick up advice for settling into your new community.

    If you’ve been dying to get out of your house and meet new people, there are countless resources you can use. Through clubs, school programs, churches, and community centers, you can meet people in your area who have similar interests. Ask around and see if any of your friends know people in town that you should meet up with, or even go out and explore on your own to see where the road takes you. With a little patience and a proactive attitude, you’ll fit right in.

  • Smart Strategies for Moving Across Town

    Some people move many times throughout their lives, and some even move to different houses in the same town or neighborhood. If you’re planning on moving across town, work with a local moving company in Charlotte, NC. Your local movers can be a big help, but it’s up to you to stick to your strategies. You may have completely different needs depending on why you’re moving, but there are strategies that can help you in any situation. Whether you’re moving by yourself, relocating your business to a more profitable location, or moving your family into a bigger home, create a strategy beforehand. Here’s a look at some smart strategies for moving across town.

    For Your Convenience

    If you’re a single person who is just moving across town because you found a better price on an apartment, you won’t have all that much to worry about. Although you don’t have to deal with the stress of moving a family, there are still stressors that you can avoid. Packing all your stuff up and driving it to your new place yourself is time consuming, so work with local movers to make things easier. Have your information changed over sooner rather than later so your mail goes to your new place and your license reflects your actual address.

    For the Office

    Relocating an office is a little more involved than moving yourself to a new apartment. You still want your furniture, office equipment, and important files to stay protected during the transition, and a local moving company can help you in this situation as well. Try to plan your move so it doesn’t interfere with your business schedule, and make sure you keep your employees up to date.

    For the Family

    Kids are sensitive to change, so even moving across town may be stressful. Talk to your children about the move and make yourself available to answer any questions they have. Some kids may be hesitant to leave their bedrooms behind, but showing off the new house may change their minds. You can also spend time in the new area to help them adjust.

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  • The Dos and Don’ts of Out-of-State Moves

    There is a fair amount of planning that goes into moving long distance in Charlotte, NC . Each state has their own laws and regulations to know, and you’ll need to replace certain things like your driver’s license and your license plates. Find a quality moving company and make sure they specifically offer interstate moving services to take some of the pressure off. Pack a separate bag of belongings that you and your family might need during the trip, because you won’t be able to get into the moving truck while in transit. This kind of move can be a big deal, so don’t wait until the last minute to prepare. Continue reading for the dos and don’ts of out-of-state moves.

    Do Hire Long Distance Movers

    Moving services are a saving grace in any moving situation, but they really shine when it comes to moving long distances. When you look at your options, choose long distance movers who have experience bringing people across state lines. Long distance moving tends to be a bit more stressful than moving around the corner or to a different nearby neighborhood. The right moving company will make the transition as seamless as possible and save you the stress.

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    Don’t Forget a Travel Bag

    Travel bags are imperative to your comfort when you’re moving. You might not be exactly sure when you’ll see your belongings again after the truck has been closed, so you should have at least one bag of supplies that you’ll keep separated. Keep this bag with you so you have access to chargers, diapers, medication, and anything else you think you might need before it’s time to unpack the truck. Think about what kind of emergencies you might encounter and cater your travel bag to your specific situation.

    Don’t Wait to Prepare

    There’s no room for procrastination when you’re planning a move, so work out all the details well in advance. Notify your utility companies, change your address with the postal service, and gather all your packing materials ahead of time. Start packing early, but begin with the items you won’t need for a while.

  • Here’s What Belongs in Your Moving Day Survival Bag

    No matter how far or near you’re moving , you should have a survival kit that you can turn to in case of emergencies. You’ll want to keep some of your belongings separate from the boxes and furniture that your local moving company in Charlotte, NC will take, but what these belongings are depends on your situation. It’s especially important to think about your survival bag if you have kids to worry about, because they may be anxious about the new change in scenery. Pets also deserve extra love during this sensitive time, so read ahead and see what belongs in your moving day survival bag.

    When you finish loading up the moving truck, you might not have access to what’s inside of it for a while. That’s why you should pack a separate moving day survival bag with the essentials that you’ll need in the meantime. Your survival bag should include chargers for your phones, computers, and other electronic devices, as well as any over the counter or prescription medication you might need. Pack snacks, bottles, and toys for your young children, and bring along treats and comfort toys if your pet is going to be riding with you.

    Here’s What Belongs in Your Moving Day Survival Bag

  • Surviving a Move with an Infant


    There are quite a few ways that moving can become stressful if you don’t think about the whole process ahead of time. Even if you have the help of pro moving services in Charlotte, NC, taking care of a baby can make the experience a bit more difficult. Watch this video for some tips on surviving a move with an infant.

    It’s much more difficult to deal with a screaming baby if you’re already stressed out about moving. That’s why it’s best to simply remove the infant from the situation. Before moving day, talk to a friend about watching your child while you deal with the actual move. Keep a bag of essentials separate, and make sure it contains anything your baby might need. If you already have the keys to the new house or apartment, stock up on non-perishable food before you move in.

  • How to Find a Great Vet in Your New City

    Local distance Movers Charlotte Whether you move to a new location to get a job or because you need a change of scenery, you’ll have to transition your whole life over to your new place. A local moving company in Charlotte, NC can make the actual moving day easier, but there’s still much more to be done. You must change your address, get to know the new neighborhood, and look for a new school if you’re a parent. If you are a parent to a furry friend, you’ll need to find a new veterinarian as well. Read on and find out how to find a great vet in your new city.

    Moving to an area you’re already familiar with makes it easier to get yourself acclimated, but what if you move across the country? Your pets can’t care for themselves, so find a new veterinarian as soon as you can. The first filter on your search should be the types of animals treated. If you have a dog, a cat, and a bird, find a veterinarian who can treat all of them. Make sure emergency services are available too, and use an experienced vet with a long history of positive reviews.

  • Best Neighborhoods to Move to in Charlotte, NC

    No matter where you come from or what your interests are, there is something for you in North Carolina. If you’re thinking about packing up and putting yourself in a new environment, call for professional moving services in Charlotte, NC. The experts will make sure everything gets from one place to another on time, and they’ll keep it all safe and sound throughout the process, so you can look forward to your big move. Read ahead and learn about some of the best neighborhoods you can move to in Charlotte.


    If you are a lifelong fan of the television show South Park , you might move to Charlotte for that reason alone. You might also have your local movers drop you off in the SouthPark neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina if you’re a big-time shopper. Not only will you have the biggest mall in the region in your neighborhood, you will also be positioned in one of the best shopping areas in the state. If you spend enough time in this area, you might even run into a celebrity or two. However, you probably won’t see Eric Cartman.

    Arts District

    New York City is arguably the most famous city on the East Coast, and it’s seen a new wave of artsy types popping up, especially in the Brooklyn area. Charlotte is a little bit inland but on the same coast, and the Arts District might remind Williamsburg-dwellers of their section of Brooklyn. If you’re into fish tacos, live music, and a bar that welcomes dogs, you should consider the Arts District of Charlotte and see if it feels like home to you as well.

    Center City

    Uptown Charlotte is closed in by the loop known as Interstate 277, and it’s a popular area of the city. Single-family homes aren’t as easy to come by, but condos, townhouses, and lofts are everywhere. There is an eclectic mix of people to run into in Center City, from bankers to college students to stay at home moms. This is also an area where you can find plenty of things to do at night.

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  • Should I Relocate for a New Job?

    If you are on the hunt for a new job, you may find fantastic career opportunities in different parts of the country. By broadening your job search geographically, you will be more likely to find a position that fits your skills and expertise. With help from a team of long distance movers in Charlotte , you will be able to receive all of the moving services that you will need for your relocation. Your interstate movers will take the stress out of your relocation experience. Some signs that you should relocate for your next job include the following:

    You Have Found Your Dream Position

    In certain instances, your dream job may come up in a location that is far away from your current home. If you firmly believe that you have found your dream job, you may want to relocate for your position. By weighing the pros and cons of your move, you will have a better idea of whether moving for the job of your dreams will be a savvy decision in the long run.

    Your Current City Lacks Career Opportunities

    When you find that you are having difficulties snagging your next job, the problem could be with your current location. As you are hunting for job, seek out cities and regions that offer terrific opportunities in your field. With a bit of research, you can find which areas of the country are experiencing job growth. By relocating for a job, you may be able to give your career the kick start that it needs to really flourish.

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    You Are Ready for a Change of Scenery

    Sometimes, relocating for a job can have both career and lifestyle benefits. If you have started to feel like you are ready to see new sights and explore a new city, a job relocation can provide you with a great excuse to make your next move. Before you commit to a new job in a different city or state, however, you will need to make sure that your family members are ready for a major move.