• Smart Strategies for Unpacking Quickly

    After your local movers have delivered boxes to your new home, you may be faced with a major unpacking project. When you watch this video, you will learn some handy tips that will help you to unpack your boxes as quickly as possible. To streamline the unpacking process, make sure to start with the boxes that are essential for your daily life. Your movers and packers in Charlotte can help you to remain organized throughout the moving process.

    If you are getting ready for a move across town, now is a terrific time to contact your local movers. By scheduling local moving services , you can help to ensure that your move is an easy transition for every member of your family.

  • Deployed Overseas? Here’s What to Do with Your Stuff

    Military families sacrifice much—from the personal safety of their deployed loved ones to the ability to keep their kids in the same school for longer than a couple of years. Immediately after receiving a permanent change of station (PCS), contact your servicing Transportation Office and request a counseling appointment. You’ll find out about reimbursements for hiring international movers based out of Charlotte, NC. You may have previously undertaken a CONUS (contiguous U.S.) PCS. Know that your benefits for overseas (OCONUS) moves will be different, and you should understand your options before contracting with an international moving company. Deployed Overseas? Here’s What to Do with Your Stuff

    Understanding Your Options

    PCSing is difficult, so figure out what type of move you’ll make ahead of time. Military families may opt to have the military move them, or to be reimbursed for a DITY (do it yourself) or partial DITY move. (DITY moves are now officially called personally procured moves – PPM.) Before making plans, check your weight limit. Usually, the max weight limit is 18,000 pounds, but certain locations have much lower limits. If you’re going to Yokota, Japan, the military will only pay for 4,500 pounds to be shipped. You may choose to have international movers ship additional goods at your expense. Bear in mind that when the moving weight limit is this restricted, you can receive more reimbursement for the cost of storing items.

    Identifying Prohibited Items

    The military maintains a list of prohibited items that military families are not allowed to move with them. Even if you opt for a DITY or partial DITY, you’re prohibited from moving these items yourself, and seeking reimbursement for moving these items may result in fines or worse. Make your PCS less stressful by discarding the following items, or by putting them into a storage unit.

    • Hazardous materials (including paint, cleaning supplies, and automotive products)
    • Building materials (including scraps of wood intended for art and craft projects)
    • Privately owned live ammunition
    • HHG (household goods) for resale, disposal, or commercial use
    • Items that would be HHG, but are acquired after the PCS effective date
    • Any motor vehicle, including horse trailers
    • Personal baggage that is free to carry on commercial transportation

    Deciding What to Store

    Your first PCS is definitely a learning experience , and you’ll undoubtedly make some mistakes that you’ll avoid next time. One common mistake is not storing more items within CONUS before PCSing. It’s wise to store electronics, because of the different electrical currents overseas, and most large, bulky pieces of furniture, as overseas housing is typically far smaller than American housing.

  • Can I Lawfully Break an Apartment Lease Early?

    Making a local move to a new neighborhood in Charlotte, NC can be tricky if you have a lease that isn’t up for renewal any time soon. Before you hire a local moving company , explore the lawful options to get out of your lease without having to pay a penalty. When you watch this video, you’ll hear about some of these options.

    For example, military servicemembers who are deployed or relocated are often legally allowed to break a lease early. In some areas, breaking a lease is allowed if you must pack up and move for medical reasons, or if you are relocating for a new job. Alternatively, ask your landlord if you can switch to a month-to-month lease, and then give notice in a month or two.

  • Moving Out After Breaking Up: How to Handle Your First Solo Move

    The difficulties of executing even a local move are compounded significantly when your ex isn’t inclined to lend a hand. Make things easier on yourself by hiring a local moving company near Charlotte, NC. After all, you’re dealing with the emotional fallout of a breakup, in addition to the logistical problems of making a short-distance move . Moving Out After Breaking Up: How to Handle Your First Solo Move

    Host a yard sale.

    No matter how many or how few possessions you think you have, getting ready for a local move will seem to magically multiply your possessions. Start figuring out which items you feel comfortable selling, donating, or discarding. Hold a yard sale, which will help defray the cost of hiring local movers, or list individual items for sale online. Donate everything that doesn’t attract a buyer. Getting rid of superfluous items could cause an argument between you and your ex. Only sell or donate items that are yours alone, or are shared items that you and your ex agree to get rid of.

    Start packing right away.

    Breaking up is tough, but trying to live in the same apartment with each other after the break up is even trickier. Save your sanity by packing up promptly, even if you haven’t found a new apartment yet. Start by packing items you use infrequently, like DVDs you’ve already watched and books you’ve already read. Pack decorative items, out-of-season clothing, and little-used kitchen items. You may find packing and organizing to be therapeutic, since it symbolizes moving on from a failed relationship and getting a fresh, new start in life.

    Get help for your move.

    For solo moves, hiring a professional moving company is a must. You’ll undoubtedly have some heavy, bulky furniture that’s virtually impossible to move by yourself. The last thing you want is to throw out your back and get stuck lying on the couch while trying to get away from your ex. If the split was contentious, consider enlisting a close friend to stay by your side on moving day. You’ll benefit from the emotional support, and your ex is less likely to be argumentative when a friend and the professional movers are there to witness it.

  • Tips for Moving into a New Office

    Moving your business to a new office is exciting, but it must be done correctly to ensure your business succeeds at the end of the move. Commercial movers near Charlotte, NC can help you prepare your employees, your equipment, and your new office for an effective and quick move. Read on for some essential tips to help your commercial move be a success. Tips for Moving into a New Office

    Tip #1: Hire Commercial Movers

    Commercial movers will be one of the most important elements of a successful office move. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to ensure all your office equipment is moved correctly and quickly. Commercial movers and packers can help you, your managers, and your employees plan and execute an effective office move.

    Tip #2: Involve Your Employees

    Ensure that your employees are involved in the move from the beginning. They can help declutter the office, pack up their own desks, and begin the preliminary stages of boxing up items. Your employees can also communicate to their customers and the community about the office move to ensure that you are not out of business for too long. Keep your employees updated on the dates and requirements of the move, so that they will know when and where to show up to be most effective. If your entire office move is being handled by commercial movers, then ensure your employees know when to be away from the office.

    Tip #3: Set up IT Equipment

    Your business likely cannot exist for long without certain pieces of equipment and technology, such as internet service, telephone lines, and computers. Set up appointments ahead of your office move to have these services installed in your new office. If you have equipment that must be set up first, then mark it as important and let your movers know to unload it first. Mark cords and equipment hookups with informational tags to ensure everything is hooked up correctly during the office move.

  • Avoid These Mistakes When Planning Your Long Distance Move

    There are many mistakes you can make while moving long distance. However, you can avoid many of these mistakes by hiring a long distance moving company in Charlotte, NC . A long distance moving company can help you pack correctly and develop a checklist of every item being moved. The expertise of your moving company can ensure you avoid the common mistakes that plague other long distance movers. Here is a quick look at the most common mistakes made during a long distance move: Avoid These Mistakes When Planning Your Long Distance Move

    Mistake #1: Forgetting to Declutter

    Decluttering should be one of your first tasks before a short distance or long distance move. If you do not declutter every room in your home and storage area, then you risk unnecessary moving of heavy furniture and clothing. It is important that your home be cleaned and decluttered of unused items, unworn clothing, and broken appliances well before your long distance move begins. This will save you on moving costs, stress, and time.

    Mistake #2: Not Using Proper Supplies

    The proper moving supplies are essential to a successful long distance move. If your furniture, fragile dishware, and sentimental décor is not properly protected during the move, then you risk losing memories and damaging necessary items. You should have strong moving boxes and packing supplies—such as bubble wrap and packing paper—to keep your fragile items protected during a long distance move. Speak with your long distance moving company about choosing the right moving supplies.

    Mistake #3: Not Making a Checklist

    A moving checklist will help you to remember all the tasks you must complete and all the items that must be moved by moving day. This checklist should be held in a folder or binder that includes important phone numbers, addresses, a moving calendar, and paperwork. Ensure your checklist has a breakdown of every piece of furniture and number of boxes that are being moved from each room. You can use this checklist to ensure that your long distance movers transported everything safe and intact.

  • Moving Tips That Everyone Can Use

    Moving long distance from Charlotte, NC or across town can be stressful. However, there are certain tips and tricks everyone can use to ensure a move is successful and low-stress. Let’s take a closer look at the advice from a seasoned mover and packer in the attached video.

    • Take advantage of the boxes and holders already in the house. For example, knickknacks can go in an empty dresser drawer, and picture frames can nestle into clothes and towels.
    • Perform a deep decluttering of the house before the professional movers and packers arrive. This will prevent moving unnecessary items.
    • Color code all boxes and furniture by the room they will belong to. Use markers, colored tape, or stickers to help the movers and packers know which room each item should be unloaded into.

  • Why Local Moves Benefit from Professional Moving Services

    You may think that a move across town will be quick and easy, so you can do it yourself. However, you may not realize that items packed incorrectly can break easily, and you or a helpful friend can quickly become hurt by moving items the wrong way. These damages and injuries can be avoided by hiring professional movers and packers in Charlotte, NC. Continue reading for more ways that your local move will be easier with professional moving services .

    Professional movers and packers have the necessary experience and equipment to move heavy furniture and boxes the correct way. This is a huge benefit to your local move, because you and your family do not have to strain or hurt yourselves trying to move heavy items. Professional movers can also have your move done in a matter of hours, because they have the experience, the space, and the movers to get the job done quickly. With all this experience, your movers and packers can protect your fragile items and valuable heirlooms throughout the entire moving process. These moving services will significantly cut down on your moving day stress, so you can better enjoy your new home.

    Why Local Moves Benefit from Professional Moving Services

  • Ways to Simplify Your Local Move

    Moving can be a complicated process, and even short-distance moves require strategy and planning if they’re to go smoothly. Are you looking for moving services near Charlotte, NC because you’re transitioning into a new home nearby? If so, then keep reading to learn a few of the ways that you can simplify your local move. Ways to Simplify Your Local Move

    Create a Plan

    If you’ve already moved a few times, then you may realize that the process can get messy quickly if you forgo planning. First, develop a timeline that covers each step of the process from start to finish, so that you have a solid plan to work from. Also, don’t forget to start packing early. By beginning this process well in advance, you can avoid having too much to do on the week of your move. As for packing supplies, you can acquire used boxes from grocery stores, but new ones that are designed for moving tend to be sturdier and cleaner. Finally, pick up markers and stickers so you can give each box a detailed label.

    Hire the Professionals

    When moving just across town, it’s common for people to underestimate the magnitude of the task. To make this process easier on yourself, you can benefit from hiring local movers to help. Able to provide and use the right equipment to get the job done properly and efficiently, professional moving services can greatly simplify your local move. Similarly, if you have a lot to pack or little time to do it in, consider working with a company that has both movers and packers to help box up your belongings efficiently.

    Separate Your Essentials

    Even though you’re planning a short move, you can benefit from making a list of items that you’ll need on moving day, such as medicine, electronics chargers, and a change of clothing, and packing these in a separate bin or box. By keeping your essentials easy to find and unpack, you can take a great deal of stress out of the moving process.

  • Prepare Your New Home with This Move-In Cleaning Routine

    Whether you’re relocating across town or moving long-distance in Charlotte, NC, having a clean, welcoming home to settle into can make the moving process more pleasant . If you’re getting ready to hire moving services and wonder what you can do to prepare your new place, then watch this video for a simple and effective move-in cleaning routine.

    Because dust falls downward, it’s ideal to work from top to bottom. To get started, dust the light fixtures and the spaces where the ceiling meets the walls to move debris and cobwebs. Next, clean around the doorframe while paying close attention to the top, which is often overlooked. Then, you should clean and disinfect any points of contact, such as doorknobs and light switches. Finally, give the baseboards some attention by dusting them or wiping them clean with a damp cloth.