What Are Non-Movables?

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When you prepare to move to a new home you’ll pack up your belongings, donate or trash what’s left, and find a local moving company in Charlotte, NC to get you and your stuff to your new place. Local movers can make the moving process easier, but there are certain things that can’t go on the truck. The rules may vary between moving companies, and the specific route you’re taking can make a difference as well. Make sure you know what your movers can and cannot take with them before you get going. Get yourself ready by reading ahead and learning about non-movables.

You might be able to take plants on the moving truck if you’re moving locally, but not if you’re traveling more than 150 miles away. Pets are never allowed to be transported on the moving truck due to the conditions inside, so you’ll have to take yours in your own vehicle. Hazardous materials like acids, oils, gasoline, and fertilizers are all prohibited from being on the moving truck. Even liquor, nail polish, and paints must be transported separately because they are considered hazardous. Fresh, refrigerated, and frozen foods that are perishable are also non-movables.

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