Here’s What Belongs in Your Moving Day Survival Bag

Moving Tips

No matter how far or near you’re moving , you should have a survival kit that you can turn to in case of emergencies. You’ll want to keep some of your belongings separate from the boxes and furniture that your local moving company in Charlotte, NC will take, but what these belongings are depends on your situation. It’s especially important to think about your survival bag if you have kids to worry about, because they may be anxious about the new change in scenery. Pets also deserve extra love during this sensitive time, so read ahead and see what belongs in your moving day survival bag.

When you finish loading up the moving truck, you might not have access to what’s inside of it for a while. That’s why you should pack a separate moving day survival bag with the essentials that you’ll need in the meantime. Your survival bag should include chargers for your phones, computers, and other electronic devices, as well as any over the counter or prescription medication you might need. Pack snacks, bottles, and toys for your young children, and bring along treats and comfort toys if your pet is going to be riding with you.

Here’s What Belongs in Your Moving Day Survival Bag

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