The Disorganized Person’s Guide to Organizing a Move

Organizing a move can be a pain, especially if organizing isn’t your forte in the first place. A local moving company in Charlotte, NC can help, but you can help yourself as well. Make lists and labels so you can remind yourself of what you have left to do and what you’ve already done. Lay out a schedule so you don’t have to do everything at once, and pack using legitimate packing materials to keep your things safe. Continue reading for a look at the disorganized person’s guide to organizing a move.

Make Lists and Labels

You can only rely on your local moving company for so much during your move to a new home or office, and the How to organize a move rest is on your shoulders. Even if you’re a notoriously disorganized person, making lists and labels can help you stay on track. When you start packing, make a list of the contents that go into each box. You can then attach the lists to their corresponding boxes, so you’ll know what’s in them when they’re all packed up. It’s also a good idea to make simple labels, even to stick on cabinets that you’ve already emptied. You can also label your moving boxes with the rooms they are designated for to make unpacking easier.

Stick to a Schedule

The closer you get to your deadline, the more stressful it will be to scramble around trying to tie your loose ends together. When you give yourself some time and some breathing room, you can get through the process a lot more comfortably. Buy a calendar just for moving so you can set aside a time for each task. You’ll need to pack, change addresses, find schools for your kids, deal with utilities, and much more, so don’t leave it all to the last minute.

Pack Properly

It’s easy to haphazardly throw your things into boxes and call it a day, but then your local movers might never even see your things in one piece. Use proper packing materials so you won’t be thrown off by dealing with broken belongings.

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