Is Reverse Culture Shock Real?

Culture shock is a well-known phenomenon. After making an international move or even a cross-country move, it can take a while to adjust to the differences in everyday life . Reverse culture shock is also something that long-distance movers near Charlotte, NC witness frequently. Upon returning home or to the same region you once lived in, you might be surprised by your comparisons of your hometown to your most recent residence.

Reverse culture shock is more of a possibility when a cross-country or international relocation was for a lengthy duration. If you were out of the country on a deployment, for instance, you may have trouble adjusting to the fast-paced daily living, values and attitudes, and materialism or wastefulness of the average American. Cope with reverse culture shock through mutual support from your loved ones. Ease yourself into your new life gradually, and try not to take on any major projects until you feel settled. Be patient with yourself and your capabilities—exhaustion is a hallmark sign of reverse culture shock.

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