• Why Local Moves Benefit from Professional Moving Services

    You may think that a move across town will be quick and easy, so you can do it yourself. However, you may not realize that items packed incorrectly can break easily, and you or a helpful friend can quickly become hurt by moving items the wrong way. These damages and injuries can be avoided by hiring professional movers and packers in Charlotte, NC. Continue reading for more ways that your local move will be easier with professional moving services .

    Professional movers and packers have the necessary experience and equipment to move heavy furniture and boxes the correct way. This is a huge benefit to your local move, because you and your family do not have to strain or hurt yourselves trying to move heavy items. Professional movers can also have your move done in a matter of hours, because they have the experience, the space, and the movers to get the job done quickly. With all this experience, your movers and packers can protect your fragile items and valuable heirlooms throughout the entire moving process. These moving services will significantly cut down on your moving day stress, so you can better enjoy your new home.

    Why Local Moves Benefit from Professional Moving Services

  • Ways to Simplify Your Local Move

    Moving can be a complicated process, and even short-distance moves require strategy and planning if they’re to go smoothly. Are you looking for moving services near Charlotte, NC because you’re transitioning into a new home nearby? If so, then keep reading to learn a few of the ways that you can simplify your local move. Ways to Simplify Your Local Move

    Create a Plan

    If you’ve already moved a few times, then you may realize that the process can get messy quickly if you forgo planning. First, develop a timeline that covers each step of the process from start to finish, so that you have a solid plan to work from. Also, don’t forget to start packing early. By beginning this process well in advance, you can avoid having too much to do on the week of your move. As for packing supplies, you can acquire used boxes from grocery stores, but new ones that are designed for moving tend to be sturdier and cleaner. Finally, pick up markers and stickers so you can give each box a detailed label.

    Hire the Professionals

    When moving just across town, it’s common for people to underestimate the magnitude of the task. To make this process easier on yourself, you can benefit from hiring local movers to help. Able to provide and use the right equipment to get the job done properly and efficiently, professional moving services can greatly simplify your local move. Similarly, if you have a lot to pack or little time to do it in, consider working with a company that has both movers and packers to help box up your belongings efficiently.

    Separate Your Essentials

    Even though you’re planning a short move, you can benefit from making a list of items that you’ll need on moving day, such as medicine, electronics chargers, and a change of clothing, and packing these in a separate bin or box. By keeping your essentials easy to find and unpack, you can take a great deal of stress out of the moving process.

  • Getting Your Pet Ready for a Move

    Many people who need moving services are traveling to a new home with a pet. Whether you’re looking for local or interstate movers in Charlotte, NC, getting your pet ready for relocation is an important part of the moving process. To help minimize stress for both you and your 4-legged friend, here are a few tips for getting your pet ready for a move: Local Moving Services Charlotte

    Prepare Documents

    If you’re hiring local movers, then this step may not be necessary. If you’re hiring long-distance movers or traveling by plane, however, then you will want to gather all the necessary documents for your pet. Learn what paperwork is required in the location that you’re moving to and speak to your vet to learn what vaccinations your pet may need. While there, refill your pet’s prescriptions and speak with your veterinarian about sedatives or motion sickness prevention options that may benefit your pet. Also, obtain a certificate of health if necessary and ask for your pet’s medical records.

    Update Information

    While you’re at the animal clinic, you should also take this opportunity to have your pet microchipped. This technology can make it much easier for you to find your cat or dog should he escape while you’re traveling or get lost in his new neighborhood. If your pet is already microchipped, then be sure that his registered information is up-to-date. Throughout your move, keep your pet’s microchip information with you along with any other pet-related documents. Finally, make new tags for your pet’s collar that reflect his future address.

    Maintain Routine

    It’s common for pets to feel stressed when their routine changes, such as when you’re preparing to move out. To help maintain your pet’s routine as much as possible, try to feed, play with, and walk him at the same times that you usually do. Finally, slowly creating a new routine can help keep pets calm as moving day approaches. For example, beginning the packing process early will help your pet become accustomed to seeing boxes around your house and items being moved.

  • Prepare Your New Home with This Move-In Cleaning Routine

    Whether you’re relocating across town or moving long-distance in Charlotte, NC, having a clean, welcoming home to settle into can make the moving process more pleasant . If you’re getting ready to hire moving services and wonder what you can do to prepare your new place, then watch this video for a simple and effective move-in cleaning routine.

    Because dust falls downward, it’s ideal to work from top to bottom. To get started, dust the light fixtures and the spaces where the ceiling meets the walls to move debris and cobwebs. Next, clean around the doorframe while paying close attention to the top, which is often overlooked. Then, you should clean and disinfect any points of contact, such as doorknobs and light switches. Finally, give the baseboards some attention by dusting them or wiping them clean with a damp cloth.