Tips for Moving Your Plants Long-Distance

When it comes to moving as an avid gardener, there are several factors for you to consider. If you plan to bring your plants with you, for example, then there are a few things that you should know about moving long-distance with plants. If you’re looking for long-distance movers near Charlotte, NC and plan to bring plants with you to your new home, then keep reading for some helpful tips.

Before you begin preparing your plants, it’s important to learn what species can be brought into any states through which you’ll be traveling. Once you know that your plants can be brought with you, start prepping them by removing dead leaves and giving them a good pruning. Then, about a week before your move, remove weeds, pests, and dust from your plants and their pots. Also, consider transferring your plants into lightweight, plastic containers, which can make moving them much easier. Factor in the temperature of whatever vehicle will be transporting your plants and then water them as necessary. Finally, keep in mind that many moving services and interstate movers do not transport plants, and that driving or shipping them may be your best options.

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