• Tips for Moving Your Plants Long-Distance

    When it comes to moving as an avid gardener, there are several factors for you to consider. If you plan to bring your plants with you, for example, then there are a few things that you should know about moving long-distance with plants. If you’re looking for long-distance movers near Charlotte, NC and plan to bring plants with you to your new home, then keep reading for some helpful tips.

    Before you begin preparing your plants, it’s important to learn what species can be brought into any states through which you’ll be traveling. Once you know that your plants can be brought with you, start prepping them by removing dead leaves and giving them a good pruning. Then, about a week before your move, remove weeds, pests, and dust from your plants and their pots. Also, consider transferring your plants into lightweight, plastic containers, which can make moving them much easier. Factor in the temperature of whatever vehicle will be transporting your plants and then water them as necessary. Finally, keep in mind that many moving services and interstate movers do not transport plants, and that driving or shipping them may be your best options.

    Tips for Moving Your Plants Long-Distance

  • Why You Should Plan Ahead for Your Move Across Town This Summer

    Summer is peak moving season for many families. If you are getting ready for a move into a new house during the coming season, you will want to contact your local moving company as soon as possible. Your local movers and packers in Charlotte will be able to provide you with invaluable assistance as you move into a new home in a different area of town. To ensure that your local movers are not booked up on your move date, you will need to set up your services as soon as possible.

    There are a few terrific reasons why now is the time to schedule your summer moving services. Since many households choose the summer months to move, your moving company may get booked up very quickly during this season. Additionally, planning ahead for your local move will provide you with additional peace of mind during the moving process. Your movers will be thrilled to assist you with every aspect of your relocation.

    Why You Should Plan Ahead for Your Move Across Town This Summer

  • What You Should Know About Moving Estimates

    If you are getting ready to move into a new home, you may have concerns about how much your local moving company will charge you for your moving services. By working with a reputable local moving company in Charlotte, you can rest assured that you are getting a fair price for your move. Before your moving day, your local movers will typically offer you an estimate of the final costs associated with all of your moving services. Read on for an overview of what you need to know about moving estimates . What You Should Know About Moving Estimates

    Moving Estimates Should Account for All of Your Belongings

    In order to create an accurate moving estimate, your moving company will usually need to take inventory of all of the items and belongings in your home. By assessing how much stuff they will have to move, your movers will have a better idea of the costs associated with your procedure. Your estimate will also include pricing for a moving truck, packing materials, and other moving services.

    Moving Estimates Come in Several Varieties

    Before you embark on the process of receiving a moving estimate, you will need to determine what type of estimate you are receiving from your movers. A firm-binding estimate, for example, will provide you with an exact price that you will pay on your moving day. If you opt for a non-binding estimate, you may ultimately be charged more or less, depending on the weight of your boxes and furniture on the day that you move.

    Moving Estimates Require Detailed Information

    When your movers provide you with an estimate, they will typically need to know some detailed information about your move. You will usually need to inform your movers of your exact moving day, as well as what types of services you will want during your move. If you have any special instructions for handling delicate items, it is also important to tell your movers about these details before you receive your final moving estimate.

  • Follow These Steps When Planning a Long Distance Move

    A long distance move can be a stressful experience for your family. To ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible, you should always hire long distance movers when you are planning on moving to a new state or country. With services from long distance movers in Charlotte , you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every detail of your move is correctly in place before you embark to your new location. To help you get ready for your big moving day, here is a look at three steps that you will want to follow when you are planning a long distance move. Follow These Steps When Planning a Long Distance Move

    Receive a Moving Quote

    One of the first steps that you will want to take when you are getting ready for a long distance move is to receive a detailed quote or estimate from your long distance moving company. Since moving companies can be booked up months in advance, it is better to start the planning process sooner, rather than later.

    Research Your New Location

    Another important step of planning a long distance move is to get to know some key information about where you will be living. By taking the time to learn about the culture, weather, and other key attributes of your new city, you will find that you have an easier time adjusting to your new location. Doing your research ahead of time will also give you a better idea of which neighborhoods will be best for your family.

    Recycle or Donate Unwanted Items

    In order to plan and execute a successful long distance move, you may find that you have to do a considerable amount of downsizing. By recycling or donating items that you no longer want or use, you will have less to pack up prior to your moving day. If you are moving to a location that has a drastically different climate than your current city, you may also find that you do not need to bring your seasonal clothing along when you move.