Avoid These Major Moving Mistakes

Whether moving long-distance or locally, there are many common mistakes homeowners make. Not hiring a qualified local moving company near Charlotte, NC is one of the worse mistakes, but homeowners also tend to forget to declutter their house before a move. By avoiding these following moving mistakes, homeowners can avoid a long and stressful moving process too. moving - tips

Mistake #1: Not Hiring Movers

Many people think they are saving money by packing and moving boxes and furniture themselves. However, they are usually making the moving process much longer and riskier. When people do not hire professional movers and packers, they risk injury to themselves, and they risk not having the right resources and friends to help on moving day. Avoid one of the biggest moving mistakes, and remember to hire a qualified moving company.

Mistake #2: Not Decluttering the House

There is no point to moving unworn clothing, old furniture, or broken appliances. To avoid the common mistake of moving unneeded items, conduct a massive decluttering project. Go through every room in the house, and be harsh with every item. If clothing or jewelry has not been worn in over a year, donate it. If seasonal items or tools are not useful, sell them or throw them away. Ensure that every item being moved is completely necessary.

Mistake #3: Not Using Packing Supplies

When people pack their items, they often forget to use the right packing supplies. Every box should be taped and labeled with strong, durable materials. Ensure the labels are visible and colored to match the room that each box will be in. Every fragile item should be sufficiently protected with bubble wrap or packing paper. In addition to the right packing supplies, use a detailed inventory list offered by the professional movers and packers. This list will have the furniture and number of boxes for each room. Check each item as it is loaded and unloaded from the movers’ truck.

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