A Guide to Unpacking in Your New Home

Once the home relocation movers deliver all your packed belongings, the amount of work ahead of you can feel overwhelming. If you’re in the process of hiring a local moving company for moving services in Charlotte, NC, then refer to this guide to tackle the unpacking process with ease. moving - unpacking

Start with the Beds

You can bet that at the end of a day of unpacking and cleaning, you will be exhausted and longing for your familiar bed. For this reason, you should set up your beds as soon as the local movers arrive and before moving on to the rest of your belongings.

Stock Your Kitchen Supplies

With the beds unpacked and set up, you should start unpacking any boxes containing kitchen items. Taking this step next will allow your family to easily prepare and eat meals in your new home, which can take some of the stress out of unpacking. Additionally, kitchenware can take up a significant amount of space, so taking care of these boxes should knock out a good portion of the unpacking that you need to do.

Move on to Bathrooms

At this point, you should move on to any other necessities that you may have packed. For most people, many of these belongings are ones that have a home in the bathroom, so it makes sense to unpack these boxes next. By getting all your medications, toiletries, and bathing accessories unpacked, you will instantly feel more at home in your new place.

Unpack Your Clothing

Another step that you can take to settle into your new home quickly and comfortably is to get all your clothing unpacked and onto hangers or into dressers.

Open All Your Boxes

At some point during the unpacking process, it’s not uncommon for people to start pushing packed boxes into closets or the garage to be dealt with later. To consolidate the unpacking process and prevent it from drawing out over months, go ahead and open all your remaining boxes to encourage you to sort and unpack the remainder of your belongings right away.

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