Try These Hacks on Your Next Move

When a local or long-distance move is coming up, you need as much help as you can get. In addition to hiring movers and packers near Charlotte, NC, you can take advantage of these easy hacks and tips found in the attached video:

  • Label and color-code as many of your possessions as possible. The colors can coordinate with specific rooms so your packers and movers can quickly place your possessions in the rooms.
  • Instead of packing your clothes, keep them in their drawers and wrap the drawers with plastic wrap. This will save time on finding more moving boxes.
  • When packing breakables, such as your dishes, use your own towels or disposable plates to keep them protected.
  • As you pack, get rid of your old, worn, or broken items. These items will only clutter up your move, which will cost you more money and more stress in the long run.

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