• Tips on Packaging

    When it comes to moving long distance, one part of the process that’s frequently underestimated is unpacking. Once you reach your new home and your long distance movers deliver your belongings, you’ll have to unpack and organize everything quickly to help your family settle in.

    Are you looking for interstate movers in Charlotte, NC because you’re planning to move long distance? If so, then watch this video for a helpful packing tip.

    One step that you can take to make the unpacking process much simpler is to properly label your boxes. To do this, buy several different rolls of colored tape, getting enough for all the members of your family plus the various types of belongings in your home, such as kitchenware, linens, and décor. Then, create a guide that identifies what tape color coordinates with what items, and add a piece of the tape to every associated box.

  • What Documents Do You Need When Planning an Overseas Move?

    When planning to move long distance , especially overseas, there are certain documents you and your family will need. Some documents—such as a birth certificate and medical records—should travel with you anyway. However, as your international movers in Charlotte, NC will inform you, an overseas move requires specific documentation. Let’s look at some of these necessary documents that must be acquired before moving overseas. What Documents Do You Need When Planning an Overseas Move?


    A passport is one of the most important documents you need when traveling overseas, so it is just as important when you plan on moving abroad. It is government-issued and is recognized throughout the world as your formal identification. As soon as you begin planning your long distance move, you need to check your passport status. If you do not have one, then you should begin the application process right away. If you have your passport, then check its expiration date and information. Check the laws of the country you are moving to; some countries will not let you enter if your passport expires within a certain time.


    Visas are granted by the country you are moving to. They allow authorization for you to come into the country for a certain amount of time and for a certain purpose. Depending on your reason and length of stay, you will receive a short-stay visa, a long-stay visa, or a residence visa. You can check the various requirements to earn a visa through the consulate of your destination country. Obtaining this document is just as important as having a passport, so make it a priority before moving long distance.

    Work Permit

    If you are moving long distance for a new job, then you will need a work permit. This document may be difficult to get from your destination country, depending on its various regulations. If you already have a job or are being hired, then your company should be able to help you apply for the permit.

  • 3 Strategies for Simplifying Long Distance Moves

    Whether you are moving across the state or overseas, moving long distance can be stressful. However, you can easily simplify your move with three easy strategies: Planning, downsizing, and hiring moving services near Charlotte, NC . These three steps can help reduce your stress, simplify your move, and make the entire moving process go much more smoothly. Continue reading to learn how these strategies can help simplify your move. Local moving and transportation in Charlotte

    Plan as Early as Possible

    Before any move, you should begin planning as soon as possible. Moving long distance often requires paperwork, phone calls, and so much more that can lead to increased stress. As soon as you know when and where you are moving, start making your preparations. Call long-distance moving companies, children’s schools, your job’s human resources, and any other necessary contacts. Make up a schedule with various deadlines—such as when the movers arrive, when to finish packing, and when to make address changes. Keep all of your moving documents, important numbers, and calendar in a binder that will not be lost.

    Hire Professional Movers

    Even if you are moving locally, your move will go much smoother with professional moving services. When you move long distance, however, it becomes absolutely necessary to hire professional, long distance movers. Long distance movers can help you plan, pack, load, and move all of your possessions. Professional movers can also handle your items the correct ways to ensure they do not become damaged during the moving process.

    Downsize Your Possessions

    Downsizing your possessions will help you reduce unnecessary clutter around your current and new home, which means less to move. Take your move as an opportunity to go through old, broken, and outdated items. You can sell, throw away, or donate these items, which will make your packing and long distance move go much smoother. Look at old and unnecessary furniture, appliances, and clothes. If you have items that are important, yet rarely-used, then consider storage services; this will also help reduce the amount of possessions you need to move.

  • Try These Hacks on Your Next Move

    When a local or long-distance move is coming up, you need as much help as you can get. In addition to hiring movers and packers near Charlotte, NC, you can take advantage of these easy hacks and tips found in the attached video:

    • Label and color-code as many of your possessions as possible. The colors can coordinate with specific rooms so your packers and movers can quickly place your possessions in the rooms.
    • Instead of packing your clothes, keep them in their drawers and wrap the drawers with plastic wrap. This will save time on finding more moving boxes.
    • When packing breakables, such as your dishes, use your own towels or disposable plates to keep them protected.
    • As you pack, get rid of your old, worn, or broken items. These items will only clutter up your move, which will cost you more money and more stress in the long run.