• Tips for Making a Deal with a Moving Company

    When planning a move, it is best to use the moving services of your local moving company in Charlotte, NC. These packers and movers can help you prepare for your move with careful planning, packing and moving tips, and transporting your items to your new place. Let’s take a closer look at how to hire and finalize the moving services of your local moving company.

    • Before making a final decision, request moving estimates from at least three different moving companies. Show the estimators everything you wish to move, so the quotes will reflect prices for the same amount of moving services.
    • Ensure that each estimate includes all prices, such as extra fees for mileage or damages.
    • Check that each moving company you speak with has the proper licenses and insurances to move long distance or locally.
    • Check your preferred moving company’s reputation with independent reviews and recommendations from friends and family.
    • Remember that unless stated otherwise, your original estimates are non-binding and prices may fluctuate.

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  • Services to Look for in a Moving Company

    When you are gearing up for a move, it’s in your best interest to work with a local moving company in Charlotte, North Carolina to make sure your belongings are transported safely to your new home. Relying on friends or family to help you can end up backfiring on you, as they may not show up or be able to lift large, awkward objects. Hiring professional movers and packers will ensure that your items are moved safely and efficiently, and you won’t have to do the lifting yourself. When you are looking for a local moving company, inquire about getting a free estimate. This will help you choose a mover that fits your budget. Find out if your mover works only within your local area, or can help you move long distance or internationally. You may also ask whether a local moving company offers climate controlled moving and storage to help your belongings withstand extreme outdoor temperatures.

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  • Answering Common Questions About Moving Long Distance

    Moving can be a stressful event, whether you are moving across town or across the country. If you are thinking of making a long distance move, there are certain factors you must take into consideration. By hiring long distance movers in Charlotte, NC, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings will arrive safely at your new home. The moving process does involve a lot of planning, so start asking questions about moving long distance as soon as you can. Keep reading to learn the answers to a few of the most common questions about moving long distance.

    Where should you move?

    Many people move because they are embarking upon a new career, will be attending school, or they want to be closer to family. If you have no obligations pulling you to a certain city, you can take your time deciding where you want to live. Sometimes, moving long distance just for a change of scenery can be a good choice for your life. Consider what you want in your new city, such as the type of climate, whether you want to be in a city or the suburbs, and proximity to schools and jobs. Cost of living is also a major consideration when you are deciding where you should move.

    What should you do with your stuff?

    One of the most overwhelming parts of moving long distance is figuring out what you will do with all of your belongings. As soon as you know you are going to move, start going through your stuff to decide what you want to bring and what can be left behind. It is much easier to get rid of unneeded items before you move, rather than packing them and then having excess stuff when you get to your new home. Make a list of what you want to keep, what you can donate, and what you should just throw away. Try to get the dimensions of your new space before you move so you don’t haul more than your new home will fit.

    Answering Common Questions About Moving Long Distance

  • Identify & Dispose Hazardous Materials Before You Move

    Are you thinking about moving? Whether you are embarking on a cross-country move or you are only moving a short distance, there is a lot of planning to be done. As you are sorting through your belongings deciding what to bring with you and what can be donated or thrown away, remember that certain items can be hazardous for your movers and packers in Charlotte, NC to transport. If you are unsure as to whether specific things can be moved, be sure to check with your local movers to find out if it is safe. Read on to learn about a few of the hazardous materials you should dispose of before you move. Identify & Dispose Hazardous Materials Before You Move

    In the Garage

    Your garage may be where you find the most hazardous materials that should be left behind when your movers and packers arrive. For example, spare car batteries contain corrosive materials, and should not be transported in a moving truck to your new house. Ammonia, fertilizer, and lighter fluid also should not be taken with you to your new neighborhood, as they are flammable and possibly even explosive under the right conditions. Transporting these materials can put your belongings at risk, as well as the safety of your movers.

    In the Tool Shed

    Head out to your tool shed to find more hazardous items you can give to a neighbor or dispose of properly before you move. Fireworks may be fun on holidays, but they are dangerous for your movers to transport. Any poisons you use to keep your yard in good shape and free from pests should also stay at your current house or be thrown out. This includes weed killers and pesticides. Even if you have a pool at your new home, do not bring your old pool chemicals with you. Start fresh when you get to your new house and do not transport chlorine, shock, or other pool chemicals with your moving services.

  • Securely Packing Your Stemware for a Move

    If you are getting ready to move, you probably have a lot on your mind. By giving yourself plenty of time to plan with your short distance movers in Charlotte, NC, your move will be much less stressful. Check out this video to see how to pack your stemware to get it ready for your local movers.

    You could leave the stemware packing to your professional movers and packers, or you could choose to do it yourself. Gather the proper materials, including a dish box, cardboard dividers, and plenty of packing paper. Place your stemware in the corner of a sheet of packing paper and roll it up, folding the corners in as you go down. Be sure to line the box on the bottom with extra packing paper to further protect your stemware as you are moving long distance, or just across town.