How Early Should You Plan a Local Move?

Although a simpler process than moving out of state, moving across town also takes some planning for the process to go smoothly. If you’re wondering how soon you should hire a local moving company near Charlotte, NC , a general rule of thumb is the earlier, the better. People often underestimate how challenging a local move can be, and frequently put off any preparation until the last minute. Early planning is the best way to keep your move stress-free and to ensure that you will find reputable local movers that are available during the time frame that you require.

How early you’ll need to hire local movers relies heavily on the season. Moving services are busiest during the summer, and experts advise finding a mover as soon as 8 weeks in advance if you’ll be moving during this time. Winter is the slow season for movers, so hiring 2 to 4 weeks ahead is often a safe bet but, again, early is best. By taking care of the planning before time gets tight, you can help ensure that your move is completed without unnecessary complications.

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