Packing to Move in a Rush

Local moving help in Charlotte

There may be any number of reasons why you have to rush your move. No matter the reason, your moving company in Charlotte, NC can provide movers and packers who know how to pack quickly and efficiently. In addition to getting help from your local moving company , check out this video for a few tips to help you move in a rush.

  • Find small, easy-to-carry boxes to hold your books. This will help as you and your local movers and packers load and unload them.
  • Use towels, clothes, or anything soft on hand to wrap your dishware and glasses.
  • Keep your hanging clothes on their hangers for easy transport. Wrap handfuls of hanging clothes in a protective bag.

Make your dressers easier to move by packing your clothes in any on-hand bags, such as luggage or duffel bags.

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