• Make Your Move Go Smoothly

    Whether you are moving long distance or calling your local moving company serving Charlotte, NC , there are a few key ways to keep your move on track and running smoothly. With the help of your movers and packers, you can be packed up and moved into your new place in no time.

    You should communicate all of your desires and expectations to your moving company. If you have items that should be handled with care or that should not be moved, tell your movers and packers. Consider carrying a folder or binder with all of your important moving documents inside. This will keep your information in one central location so it is not packed into a random box. Be sure to make important phone calls as soon as possible. Some of these calls might include reserving your home relocation company, updating your address, and getting utilities shut off and turned on, as needed.

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  • Getting Settled in Your New Home

    Once your local movers in Charlotte, NC have left, you still have to unpack and get settled into your new place. This may be a confusing time as you learn more about your new house and try to feel comfortable in it. There are some simple ways to help you get started after your movers and packers have left, though. Here a few suggestions on how to get settled into your new home. Getting Settled in Your New Home

    Unpack to Make It Your Own

    One of the quickest ways to settle into a new home is to make it feel like your previous home. After you have unpacked the essentials—bathroom and kitchen items, typically—evaluate the rest of the boxes your movers and packers left. Unpack some of your decorations or accent pieces of furniture. By finding a place for these personal details in your new home, you can begin to envision it as your own place. Hang up pictures, place your refrigerator magnets, and light your favorite candles. These are just a few simple ways to make a new space feel like home.

    Remember Important Tasks

    Many moving services provide a checklist of important phone calls and tasks that need to be done, whether you are moving long distance or locally. Making these calls and performing these tasks can help you feel more connected to your new place. Putting in a change of address at the post office, updating your driver’s license, and informing your banks and family members of your new address are all ways to help you settle in.

    Start Exploring

    Even if you are just moving across town, you should explore your new surroundings. You can explore your new home, your new neighborhood, and your new community. If you are unsure of where to find local businesses, such as grocery or department stores, your local movers can offer some suggestions. In the end, don’t be afraid to meet new people and find something exciting to do around your new home.

  • Packing to Move in a Rush

    There may be any number of reasons why you have to rush your move. No matter the reason, your moving company in Charlotte, NC can provide movers and packers who know how to pack quickly and efficiently. In addition to getting help from your local moving company , check out this video for a few tips to help you move in a rush.

    • Find small, easy-to-carry boxes to hold your books. This will help as you and your local movers and packers load and unload them.
    • Use towels, clothes, or anything soft on hand to wrap your dishware and glasses.
    • Keep your hanging clothes on their hangers for easy transport. Wrap handfuls of hanging clothes in a protective bag.

    Make your dressers easier to move by packing your clothes in any on-hand bags, such as luggage or duffel bags.

  • Moving to a New State with Your Family

    Moving long distance can be an exciting time for your family. You are all embarking on an adventure together. However, it is only a fun adventure when you have planned as much as possible. In addition to calling your long distance movers near Charlotte, NC , there are a few helpful tips to keep your move simple and problem-free. Moving to a New State with Your Family Matthews Moving

    Start Planning Right Away

    For any type of move, you should begin making a to-do list as soon as you know the move is happening. When you are moving long distance, though, you need to make your to-do list and start crossing tasks off right away. This means that interstate moving companies should be called so you can reserve the help you need before they book up. You should also make sure your employers, schools, utility companies, and banks are notified that you are moving. Do not forget to make important calls to people in your new city. Enroll your children in school, make doctor appointments, and schedule your utility transfers.

    Research Your New Location

    You do not want to move to a new city and state when you know nothing about it, especially with an active family life. Research the area of town or the state that you are moving to. Make sure the school system is good and crime level is low. If you have friends or family already living there, inform them of your move and ask for a time to reconnect. Find local activities or groups your family can participate in. This might include a church, city recreation center, or monthly festival in a popular city spot.

    Get as Much Help as Possible

    Any move is stressful, but moving long distance can be particularly nerve-wracking. Lock in your interstate movers as soon as possible. Organize a neighborhood rummage sale to help get rid of old furniture and clothes. Ask friends and family for help packing up your belongings or making important phone calls. Make sure you have confirmation of your professional and personal moving services so you are not left stranded on moving day.