How to Make Your Move More Organized

One of the best ways to organize your move is to enlist the help of professional movers near Charlotte. These packers and movers can help you find information about your new location, as well as give you quick and efficient tips to pack and move your belongings . Here are a few different ways you can stay organized during your move:


Label Everything

Labeling everything as you pack will save you a lot of time and frustration. First, you should pack your boxes by room and keep them together as you load the moving truck. Keep kitchen items with other kitchen items, bedroom with bedroom, and so forth. Label the boxes on all four sides, as well as the top, for easy identification. Also, write a brief list of what is in each box. As you unload boxes, you can place each box next to its designated spot in the room.

Along with labeling all of your boxes, leave a colorful piece of tape in the areas you have already packed. For example, each cabinet you empty should have a small piece of tape to let you and others know it was emptied. As you pack and empty each room, you can put a piece of tape on the door. This will save you time from rechecking areas over and over.

Create an Inventory List

Your packers and movers will create an inventory list for you, but you should have your own list, as well. Written on each box should be a brief list of what is inside, and your master list should have all of the furniture and number of boxes for each room. As items are loaded and unloaded from the moving truck, you should check them off the list.

Plan Ahead

As soon as you know the date and location of your move, start calling your local moving companies. During certain times of the year—spring and summer, usually—moving companies tend to book up quickly. Get moving quotes as soon as possible, and make all of the necessary arrangements for your big move.

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