What Should You Unpack First After a Move?

When you’re unpacking after the movers have left, it may feel like everything is essential to open right away, or you may feel completely lost in a sea of boxes. No matter your state of mind, the packers and movers near Charlotte can help you get sorted out.

You should have an “essentials” box that contains the most important items you need on hand. This may include daily medications, a toothbrush, and changes of clothes. Once you’ve located this box, either from the inventory list your movers created or from your car, unpack the items into their appropriate locations. Unpack your important kitchen items, such as plates, silverware, and essential appliances like a microwave or coffee maker. Then, you’ll move to your bedrooms and bathrooms. If your moving service has unloaded the beds and furniture into their locations, your battle is half done. You can unpack the important clothes, make the beds, and set up knickknacks as you like. Don’t get sidetracked into unpacking one room, though. Unpack the main items from each room that you’ll need in those first few days.

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