• What Should You Unpack First After a Move?

    When you’re unpacking after the movers have left, it may feel like everything is essential to open right away, or you may feel completely lost in a sea of boxes. No matter your state of mind, the packers and movers near Charlotte can help you get sorted out.

    You should have an “essentials” box that contains the most important items you need on hand. This may include daily medications, a toothbrush, and changes of clothes. Once you’ve located this box, either from the inventory list your movers created or from your car, unpack the items into their appropriate locations. Unpack your important kitchen items, such as plates, silverware, and essential appliances like a microwave or coffee maker. Then, you’ll move to your bedrooms and bathrooms. If your moving service has unloaded the beds and furniture into their locations, your battle is half done. You can unpack the important clothes, make the beds, and set up knickknacks as you like. Don’t get sidetracked into unpacking one room, though. Unpack the main items from each room that you’ll need in those first few days. Should you Unpack First After a Move

  • Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

    When you’re looking for extra storage in Charlotte , you need to know how to get the most out of your storage unit investment. Whether you’ll be storing your items for a few months or a few years, your items need to be protected and arranged in the smartest way to utilize the space. Here are a few tips to help you out: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

    Plan for Unit Changes

    This concept encompasses many things that might happen in or around your storage unit. For the most part though, plan ahead for possible weather changes. Depending on where you live, your storage unit could be susceptible to a harsh winter freeze or a freak flood. When you can, use pallets or shelves to keep your possessions of the floor. If a flood from melting snow or a neighboring unit has a spill, you’ll be happy you planned ahead. The same goes for weather changes. Depending on your location, your items might encounter humidity, cold, or heat when they’re not made for that. Decide ahead if your old photos or electronics really should be in that unit.

    Wrap Everything

    You want your possession to be protected against everything they might encounter. Even in a storage unit, they can still be bombarded with dust, dirt, and bugs. Wrap your items with plastic wrap or put them in a sealed box, if possible. This will keep them from damage due to the elements and possible intrusion from insects or pests.

    Label Everything

    Even if you’re using extra storage for only a few months, you don’t want to be stumbling around the unit searching for that appliance or box of clothes you know you packed away. Label boxes as you pack them. Put appliances in their proper box, if you still have it. You might even label the amount of dishes or their color on the side of the box so you know you have the right amount in that box.

  • What Is the Right Way to Pack Lamps?

    Whether you’re moving across country near Charlotte or just need a local mover for an in-town move, you should still know the right way to pack certain items. Your professional packers and movers can help you out, and until then, watch the video for some helpful tips on packing your fragile lamps.

    The best moving companies can tell you that broken items are not the best way to start a big move, so keep your possessions as protected as possible. When packing your lamps, remove the shade and bulb before wrapping the lamp base in bubble wrap. Keep your shades in a separate box, and try to nest them together as much as you can. Don’t use newspaper when wrapping them, as newspaper will stain.

  • Surviving a Long Distance Move with Kids

    When the movers near Charlotte start packing up the house and loading the boxes, your children might become confused or upset. No matter how old they are, they’re leaving their home and moving far away. It’s a difficult enough process for you, the adult, but when your children don’t understand, it can make routines around the house or on the road more difficult. Here are few ways to keep your sanity with the kids when the movers come knocking. Surviving a Long Distance Move with Kids

    Keep Them Adventurous

    Whether you’re sitting around the house waiting for the packers and movers, or you’re already on the road to the new house, keep your kids’ spirits up. This big move is an adventure for the entire family! If your children are excited to help you navigate the road, or you decide as a family to visit a landmark, they’ll be more willing to participate in this big change. Let them stay up later than usual, or make a big deal about special road trip treats they’re rarely allowed to eat. If you can include them in your family adventure—picking their favorite treats, finding a small town to explore, etc.—you’ll be surprised by just how much they want to move.

    Keep Them Entertained

    As much as you can make moving across country an enjoyable experience, there are still those moments of boredom. Bring their favorite books, books on tape, traveling games, or a movie to keep them entertained as much as possible. You’ll be happy for a few moments of peace and quiet, and they’ll thank you for the extra entertainment.

    Let Them Talk out Their Feelings

    When you were making the decision to move your family, you probably talked it out with someone. You voiced your concerns, excitements, and fears. Your children need that outlet, too. This may be a confusing time in their lives, and they need to feel safe coming to their parents with their own concerns and fears. Try to assure them of the merits of moving and validate their fears.