How to Make Moving Less Stressful on Your Dog

Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience for humans—and even more so for our canine companions. In this video, a certified dog trainer offers advice and guidelines on using moving companies to move into a new home with your dog. If you are planning to move with the help of a mover from Charlotte , watch the video to find out more about to make your move go as smoothly as possible for your four-legged friend, your family, and your moving company.

The video advises walking through the space before you move in to check for toxic chemicals, loose wires, or anything else which might harm your dog. The presenter stresses the importance of making sure you know exactly where your dog is at all times during the move. If possible, crate your dog for extra peace of mind. Another option is to enclose the dog in one of the smaller rooms, using a baby gate to create secure storage. The video also advises keeping your dog tagged and microchipped, in case he or she gets loose during the move.

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