How to Make Local Moves Look Easy

Moving home can sometimes seem like a daunting task. A trustworthy local mover near Charlotte can help to make your move go more smoothly. However, moving day itself is only a small part of the process. To make your move seem easier, you will need to do a lot of careful planning and organizing. There are a number of simple guidelines you can follow for a stress-free move.

Utilities and Official Address

Before the move, you should contact all relevant utility companies to inform them of your change of residence. You will also need to fill out an online change of address form. This is important for making sure your new home is comfortable and ready for your family as soon as your moving day arrives.

Purchase Packing Materials

You will need a large number of packing boxes in a variety of different sizes, with small boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items. You may be able to source secondhand boxes from your workplace or from a furniture store. If any of your friends or colleagues have recently moved, they may also have spare boxes which you can use. Alternatively, you can order new boxes from a packing store. Make sure you have good quality packing tape, together with a tape dispenser gun. You will also need colored labels, marker pens, and a box cutter, to open boxes when you unpack.

Measure and Itemize

Make a detailed inventory of all your goods and belongings. Count up your boxes and measure any large or awkwardly-shaped items, so that you can estimate the size of moving van you will need. There are online tools available to help with this. You should also consider making a template of your furniture, to check that it will fit your new home.

Seek Assistance

Moving is a far easier task if you have professional help. Instead of trying to round up your friends and handle everything on your own, you should research local moving companies that can provide professional moving and storage service. With moving companies, you won’t have to worry about stressing out on your moving day.

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