• Using Storage to Downsize

    There are a number of reasons why you might opt to keep some of your belongings in secure storage near Charlotte . If you are moving into a new home with help from professional movers, you may wish to temporarily store seasonal or rarely-used items, while you decide how to organize the space in your new property. You may decide to move to a smaller home after your children have left. Even if you are not moving with help from movers, you may wish to convert your garage, basement, or attic into additional living space. You can place the items usually stored in those rooms into a storage unit for safekeeping.

    Here at Matthews Moving Systems, we provide safe, economical, and climate-controlled storage units. Your belongings will be stored in our warehouse, which has 24-hour security. You can rent a personal storage container. We can also pack and wrap your personal possessions for you, to ensure they are kept in optimum condition. Using Storage to Downsize

  • How to Make Local Moves Look Easy

    Moving home can sometimes seem like a daunting task. A trustworthy local mover near Charlotte can help to make your move go more smoothly. However, moving day itself is only a small part of the process. To make your move seem easier, you will need to do a lot of careful planning and organizing. There are a number of simple guidelines you can follow for a stress-free move. Make Local Moves Look Easy

    Utilities and Official Address

    Before the move, you should contact all relevant utility companies to inform them of your change of residence. You will also need to fill out an online change of address form. This is important for making sure your new home is comfortable and ready for your family as soon as your moving day arrives.

    Purchase Packing Materials

    You will need a large number of packing boxes in a variety of different sizes, with small boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items. You may be able to source secondhand boxes from your workplace or from a furniture store. If any of your friends or colleagues have recently moved, they may also have spare boxes which you can use. Alternatively, you can order new boxes from a packing store. Make sure you have good quality packing tape, together with a tape dispenser gun. You will also need colored labels, marker pens, and a box cutter, to open boxes when you unpack.

    Measure and Itemize

    Make a detailed inventory of all your goods and belongings. Count up your boxes and measure any large or awkwardly-shaped items, so that you can estimate the size of moving van you will need. There are online tools available to help with this. You should also consider making a template of your furniture, to check that it will fit your new home.

    Seek Assistance

    Moving is a far easier task if you have professional help. Instead of trying to round up your friends and handle everything on your own, you should research local moving companies that can provide professional moving and storage service. With moving companies, you won’t have to worry about stressing out on your moving day.

  • How to Make Moving Less Stressful on Your Dog

    Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience for humans—and even more so for our canine companions. In this video, a certified dog trainer offers advice and guidelines on using moving companies to move into a new home with your dog. If you are planning to move with the help of a mover from Charlotte , watch the video to find out more about to make your move go as smoothly as possible for your four-legged friend, your family, and your moving company.

    The video advises walking through the space before you move in to check for toxic chemicals, loose wires, or anything else which might harm your dog. The presenter stresses the importance of making sure you know exactly where your dog is at all times during the move. If possible, crate your dog for extra peace of mind. Another option is to enclose the dog in one of the smaller rooms, using a baby gate to create secure storage. The video also advises keeping your dog tagged and microchipped, in case he or she gets loose during the move.

  • Avoid These Mistakes When Packing Boxes

    If you are planning to move , one task you will need to complete is packing your belonging into boxes. A moving company in Charlotte can help with your house moving experience. Most people do not move house often and have therefore not developed optimum packing skills. Packing carefully is vital in order to protect your items from breakage and make unpacking faster and easier. You can learn to pack more efficiently by avoiding these common pitfalls. Avoid These Mistakes When Packing Boxes

    Use Boxes of the Correct Size

    One of the most common errors is to pack heavy items into large boxes. A large box filled with heavy objects will be difficult to lift. When you attempt to pick up a large, heavy box, you could injure your back. Alternatively, the box itself might break. Place heavy items, such as books, into small boxes. Use medium-sized boxes for children’s toys, electronics, and other similar goods. Reserve large boxes for bulky but relatively light items, such as bedding. Always fill the box snugly, to prevent items from shifting around, which increases the risk of breakage. If necessary, fit towels, sheets, and clothing around any gaps or empty spaces. A professional mover can offer more advice.

    Label Your Boxes Carefully

    Many packers label their boxes on the top. However, those labels are then obscured as soon as the boxes are stacked on top of each other. Make sure you label your boxes on all sides, so that you can read the labels even when the boxes are in piles. Use colored marker pens or labels to color code the boxes by room. For example, use red pen to label items which will go in the living room, blue for kitchenware, etc. Your mover is sure to appreciate this.

    Always Tape Up Your Boxes Securely

    Make sure you triple tape all heavier boxes. Boxes can break more easily than you might expect, spilling contents out over the floor. Protect your items by taping the bottoms of boxes very securely. Use good quality packing tape and a tape dispenser gun.