Strategies for Packing Your Storage Unit

Whether you’re planning a local move, or moving across country, you could benefit from extra storage near Charlotte . A secure storage until will protect belongings that you aren’t yet able to move into your new residence, or that just won’t fit. To ensure that you get the most out of your storage place, follow these strategies for packing your storage unit.

Use Uniform Boxes or Plastic Storage Bins

You should encourage your packers and movers to utilize sturdy cardboard boxes that are all relatively equal in size, or large plastic storage bins. This will make it much easier for your moving company to stack boxes on top of each other inside your storage unit, and will save you valuable space. You should also take care when stacking the boxes, and make sure that heavier boxes are on the bottom. This will prevent stacks from tipping over and causing messes or damage.

Create a Pathway Through the Storage Unit

One of the best strategies when packing your storage unit is to be sure to create a pathway through the center of the unit. This will make it easier for you to reach all of your boxes and belongings in the event that you need to retrieve something specific. If you only leave the front part of the storage unit free, you’ll have to move boxes around every time you need to retrieve something. You should consider renting a storage unit that is slightly larger than you need, so that you will have room for a walkway, and so that you will have extra storage in the event that you need it.

Make Necessary Items More Accessible

If you know that you are storing certain items that you’ll need to retrieve from storage fairly often, you should make sure that these items are easily accessible. For instance, if you’re storing holiday decorations, seasonal sporting equipment or clothing, or power tools, you can store them closer to the front of the storage unit.

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