• What Is the Right Way to Label Boxes When You Move?

    If you’re using a moving company for your local or long distance move, you can label your moving boxes to help your packers and movers in Charlotte ensure that everything ends up in the right room of your new home. When you begin labeling your boxes, make sure that you have a clear system in place that will be easy for you and your movers to understand. Each box should clearly state both the room of the house in which it belongs, and a brief description of its contents.

    You don’t need to go into great detail when labeling a box’s contents, but there should be enough information for you to find any items that you may immediately need after your move. You should also be sure to label boxes as fragile if they contain breakable items, so that you and the movers will take extra care when moving or unpacking them.

    You may also want to consider labeling boxes with the names of household members to which the items belong. This will make unpacking much simpler, as each family member can take charge of his or her own boxes. Right Way to Label Boxes When you Move

  • The Week Before You Move: To-Do List Action Items

    Moving has a reputation for being stressful, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you, as long you make a plan. Break down the things you have to do across the months and weeks before the big day, from hiring movers near Charlotte to picking up your new keys. The week before you move is time to take care of any last-minute details to ensure moving day runs as smoothly as possible. Here are the things you should tackle before your movers arrive to load up your belongings. Local movers near Charlotte

    Make Transfers

    Whether you are moving to the other aside of town or moving across country, your old neighborhood will no longer be where you live your day-to-day life. That means you will need to find everything from a new grocery store and dry cleaner to a new bank and pharmacy. Make the transition easy by transferring accounts and prescriptions to the new branches you plan to use. If you are moving out of state and plan to change banks, close your accounts the week before you move to avoid any last minute hassles.

    Tag Your Furniture

    Taking your stuff out of your old home is only the first step of the process for your movers. Your moving company will also place your belongings wherever you want them in your new home. Take advantage of this opportunity to have professional movers shift things around by tagging your furniture for the right placement in your new home. Labeling each piece of furniture with the room in which you want it will make the process of unloading the truck easier. It’s even better to tag the furniture and draw your movers a floor plan so they know exactly where to place that heavy dresser.

    Get Unplugged

    Even if you aren’t taking your appliances, they won’t be in use until someone new moves into your home. Unplug your appliances and defrost the refrigerator as necessary to prevent any problems when the home is empty. If you are moving appliances, be sure they are unplugged, cleaned, and emptied when your movers arrive

  • What Is the Right Way to Pack Dishes?

    Your kitchen is full of fragile items, so packing it up can be a challenge. This video offers tips to help you get your kitchen ready before your movers near Charlotte arrive to load your boxes.

    Start by investing in double-walled boxes rather than flimsy grocery store boxes that are hard for your mover to transport safely. Use newspaper to wrap your items and to fill in any empty spaces in your box. For an especially easy move, consider hiring packers and movers who will pack your belongings the right way. Ask about this moving service when you request a quote from your moving company.

  • Strategies for Packing Your Storage Unit

    Whether you’re planning a local move, or moving across country, you could benefit from extra storage near Charlotte . A secure storage until will protect belongings that you aren’t yet able to move into your new residence, or that just won’t fit. To ensure that you get the most out of your storage place, follow these strategies for packing your storage unit. Strategies for Packing Your Storage Unit

    Use Uniform Boxes or Plastic Storage Bins

    You should encourage your packers and movers to utilize sturdy cardboard boxes that are all relatively equal in size, or large plastic storage bins. This will make it much easier for your moving company to stack boxes on top of each other inside your storage unit, and will save you valuable space. You should also take care when stacking the boxes, and make sure that heavier boxes are on the bottom. This will prevent stacks from tipping over and causing messes or damage.

    Create a Pathway Through the Storage Unit

    One of the best strategies when packing your storage unit is to be sure to create a pathway through the center of the unit. This will make it easier for you to reach all of your boxes and belongings in the event that you need to retrieve something specific. If you only leave the front part of the storage unit free, you’ll have to move boxes around every time you need to retrieve something. You should consider renting a storage unit that is slightly larger than you need, so that you will have room for a walkway, and so that you will have extra storage in the event that you need it.

    Make Necessary Items More Accessible

    If you know that you are storing certain items that you’ll need to retrieve from storage fairly often, you should make sure that these items are easily accessible. For instance, if you’re storing holiday decorations, seasonal sporting equipment or clothing, or power tools, you can store them closer to the front of the storage unit.