How to Get the Most Accurate Moving Estimate

One of the leading factors that will help you choose between moving companies in Charlotte is the estimate for the job. However, because moving estimates are typically non-binding, you could get a big budget shock when the final bill comes in if you don’t take the time to get accurate moving quotes.

Getting a precise estimate requires providing your movers with clear information. Be thorough when telling your movers how many rooms of furniture must be moved, and mention any items that may need special care, such as pianos or artwork. Accurately calculate the distance of your move, and tell the company if your new or current location requires climbing several flights of stairs. If you need extra help added to your moving services, such as packing, include that in your initial request. Keep in mind that moving costs are calculated based on the amount of time and number of people required to complete your move, so your estimate will be as accurate as possible if you specify all of your needs up front.

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