• Make Packing Easier with Plastic Wrap

    Moving companies in Charlotte take nearly all the stress out of the moving process . Whether you hire packers and movers or prefer to pack up your own things for the moving company to transport, using plastic wrap is always helpful when it comes to household goods.

    Whether you are using local or long distance movers, use plastic wrap to bundle items and secure blankets to furniture. Plastic wrap comes highly recommended by moving companies because it won’t damage your furniture. Unlike sticky tape, plastic wrap only sticks to itself, making it much easier for movers and packers to pick up large pieces of furniture and transport them in trucks. Plastic wrap also allows for worry-free storage, as it wards off mildew and mold.

  • Advice for Storing Clothing in a Storage Unit

    If your closets are bursting at the seams, using extra storage in Charlotte for the spillover could be the solution. Many people shy away from the idea of using a storage unit for their clothing, because they are concerned about damage. However, if you take the right steps to protect your clothing, your favorite pieces should come out as good as new when you are ready to wear them. If you are planning to use a storage unit for your clothes, keep these tips in mind. Advice for Storing Clothing in Storage Unit

    Prepare for Storage

    Before you clothes go into storage, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and dried, but avoid starch, which can attract pests. Every item should be freshly washed when it is packed for storage, even if you haven’t worn it recently or it looks clean. Laundering your clothes helps to get rid of the organic elements that live in the fibers and appeal to moths and beetles. Cleaning your clothes before you put them in storage also helps to keep them fresh and ready-to-wear when you get them out.

    Use the Right Packing Strategy

    Cardboard boxes may seem like the easiest way to pack things, but they are not ideal for clothing, as it doesn’t offer enough protection. Plastic boxes that are ventilated are the best choices for clothing. Reduce moisture on your clothing boxes by using silica gel inserts, and keep insects at bay by packing cedar blocks along with your clothes. Cedar is better than mothballs because it is chemical-free and won’t leave a residue on your clothing. Avoid using vacuum-sealed bags for packing. While these bags may save space, they prevent air from circulating around your clothes and encourage mildew growth. Be sure to label all of your boxes so you can locate your items easily.

    Pick the Right Storage Facility

    Climate-controlled storage units the best option for storing clothes, because they provide better temperature and moisture control. Verify that the unit you are considering is secure and that you have access to it whenever you need it.

  • How to Get the Most Accurate Moving Estimate

    One of the leading factors that will help you choose between moving companies in Charlotte is the estimate for the job. However, because moving estimates are typically non-binding, you could get a big budget shock when the final bill comes in if you don’t take the time to get accurate moving quotes.

    Getting a precise estimate requires providing your movers with clear information. Be thorough when telling your movers how many rooms of furniture must be moved, and mention any items that may need special care, such as pianos or artwork. Accurately calculate the distance of your move, and tell the company if your new or current location requires climbing several flights of stairs. If you need extra help added to your moving services, such as packing, include that in your initial request. Keep in mind that moving costs are calculated based on the amount of time and number of people required to complete your move, so your estimate will be as accurate as possible if you specify all of your needs up front.

  • Advice for Working With Your Moving Company

    Moving can be a major transition for any household. Whether you are moving across the country or internationally, you will have many factors to consider when you are preparing for your big day. Fortunately, moving companies can provide you with the services you need to limit your stress when you are moving across country. With the help of movers offering high quality moving services in Charlotte , you will be able to pack and move in no time. To help you get the most out of your move, here are some quick tips for working with your moving company. Full-Service Moving Company In Charlotte

    Take Inventory of Your Items

    When you are working with a moving company , your movers may be there to help you box up your items in preparation for your move. Before you begin working with your movers to pack up your house, it is a good idea to take a full inventory of all of your items. You may want to consider which items you want to bring with you, as well as what you feel comfortable donating or leaving behind.

    Consider Reviews and Qualifications

    To ensure that you are working with a high quality moving company, you may want to ask your movers to provide you with their reviews and qualifications before you get started on your move. A reputable mover will have great reviews from past clients. By working with a highly rated mover that is fully qualified, you can embark on your move with confidence.

    Plan for Moving Day

    Moving day can be stressful if you do not take the time to plan ahead. Fortunately, your movers can work with you to make sure that every element is in place for the day of your move. As you are working with your moving company, you may want to create a move day checklist. This checklist can detail all of your important items, such as your boxes, furniture, and more. With a plan in place, you will be ready to move when the big day arrives.