Comparing Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Packing Techniques

It is always nice to have some extra storage serving Charlotte; you can clear up some clutter from your apartment, keep decorations out of the way through the off season, and even give yourself some breathing room when you prepare for a move. In order to make the most of this extra storage, it helps to practice the best packing methods for your purposes. Keep reading if you are interested in comparing short-term and long-term storage packing techniques.


Even if you are only leaving your belongings for a short period of time, you must pack them properly in order to protect them. When packing for short-term storage, remember to leave yourself some space. Instead of rearranging your entire unit when you need to find something, leave an aisle so that you can easily access anything you need. When it comes to fragile items, pack them as carefully as you can; even though you might be coming back for them soon, you can reduce the chances of damage by putting out a little bit of extra effort during the packing process.


Although it is normal to expect that your storage remains unmoved each time you return to your belongings, a weak load-bearing box might eventually crumble under the weight. This is why it is especially important to use strong, sturdy boxes rather than boxes from your grocery store when packing for long-term storage. Though you might be tempted to use plastic bags instead of boxes, this decision could lead to mold growth by trapping moisture. Consider storing your boxes on top of pallets to keep the bottom of the box from deteriorating against the floor.

Storage Facility

Whether you are going to be storing your belongings for a month or a decade, it is crucial that you choose a quality storage company. Be sure to understand the storage space you have to work with before packing so that you can pack in the most efficient way for your space. This will ensure that your belongings stay safe so you can find them in the exact same condition each time you return.

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