A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning for an International Move

Are you moving across the globe? It is never too soon to start looking for long distance moving companies near Charlotte. The best way to plan an international move is to find reliable and experienced packers and movers as quickly as possible. Moving companies advise getting started with your planning and organizing 90 days before your international move so you have sufficient time to plan and prepare. As you begin the process of screening international moving companies, follow this easy guide for a seamless transition to your new home.

90 Days Before Departure

90 days before your international move, try to book all airfare and hotels to get the best prices. You should also advise your children’s schools that they will be leaving so they have plenty of time to get classwork in order. If you haven’t already, inquire about professional long distance moving companies and get comprehensive price quotes.

60 Days Before Departure

About two months before your packers and movers are scheduled to arrive is a good time to ask your doctor, dentist, and vet for copies of yours, your family’s, and your pets’ medical records. If you are selling your car or smaller household items, now is also a good time to put them on the market. Moving companies also advise double-checking all insurance policies and visas to ensure all your documents are in proper order.

30 Days Before Departure

30 days before it’s time to go, make sure to change your address and pay any outstanding bills. Contact your utility companies to make sure all services are scheduled to be discontinued on your move-out date. Now is also a good time to check in with your movers and packers to make sure all paperwork is in order. Ask your international moving company for a rough date on which your items will arrive so you can have your new place clean and ready to go. Finally, if you are renting out your property while you are gone, be sure to schedule a cleaning service.

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